What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Shipping a Car?

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You will want to avoid overpaying or underpaying too much money.  Try avoiding companies that are not reliable.  Avoid not having your documents prepared.  You will want to avoid not having the right or enough insurance coverage.  Avoid having your car full of personal items when shipping.  Poor planning is a big mistake that you should avoid.

These are some of the main mistakes that tend to happen when shipping your car.  If you send your vehicle often and see these mistakes are recurring, it is time to make a change.  Let’s go further into the main errors.


What are the Signs You are Paying to Much or Not Enough?

You are going to get several different quotes.  Most of them will be close to the same.  When you see a quote that is excessively over or under most of the quotes, you may want to think it through before taking the offer.

Most people jump at the chance to take a quote when they see a good deal.  It is a normal reaction.  If the quote is high, you may think the company is outstanding and you will get what you pay for.  When the quote is cheap, you may think they have a sale on their services as the competition is fierce, and it is an excellent deal.

The problem is not the companies, it is the scammers.  There are a lot of them.  They do not care if your car is shipped or not.  All they want is your money.  You also do not want to give your information such as a credit card for payment if it is not secured.  That means, if it is over the phone, I would never talk money and give that information unless you have already been doing business and have done your research on the company.  If it is over the internet, it is the same as the phone with one addition.  The website must be secured if you are giving your personal information.

Another thing to consider is the hidden costs.  If a quote is to low, you can guarantee there will be hidden costs.  The best option is to stay with the quotes that are in the middle.  These are usually the best choices.  However, before making a choice, you still must do your research on the companies.

Is the Company Reliable?

The best way to check the reliability of a transport company is through the Department of Transport.  Every company who has and uses trucks to move vehicles are required to be registered with them.  Their site will help you decide if the company is reliable.  You can also call them and have them looked up.

There are so many transport companies in the United States.  Not all of them are reliable.  Some of them are not even real.  Scammers are everywhere. Also, if a company’s website looks real does not always mean it is.  Make sure you check with the Department of Transportation.  They will let you know if it is a real company.  They could also tell you if the company is reliable even if it is real.  Do your research.  It is essential.

Why is it Important to Have Your Documents Sorted?

This is a big mistake that many people overlook.  If you do not have your documents sorted and ready for the transport company, it will cause delays in shipping.  It could also cause issues on the road when crossing stateliness or leaving the country.  Which translates to more delays.

The last thing you want is the delays.  It is vital to have all your documents ready for shipping.  The transport company can give you a list of all the documents that are needed.  Remember, these documents are for shipping your car.  They are based on the route and destination.  Not everyone will need the same documentation.

For example, if you are shipping it to another city in your state, you will need minimum documents.  If you ship to another state, you will need what is required for each state your car goes through.  If you are sending your vehicle outside of the country, you will need even more documents based on the gaining country.

Always check with the company you are using.  They will give you a list of requirements.  The last thing you will want is issues along the way.  If you are shipping out of the country, and are already in the gaining country waiting for your car.

Should You Get Insurance or Use the Company’s Insurance when Shipping my Car?

This is a personal preference.  Every transport company offers insurance, and your vehicle is covered.  You will want to ask them questions and read their coverage.  Perhaps, you do not see something in the coverage you feel you want.  Then your best option is to have the extra covered by getting additional insurance.

It is never a good idea to assume the transport company’s insurance covers everything.  Some drivers only hold the minimum that is required by the company.  The best thing to do is to ask questions.

Before going into the company, write down everything you think should be in the insurance coverage.  Read through their policy and start asking questions about their policy that you do not see answered.  For the best protection of your asset, get the additional insurance.  This way, you know you are covered even if the company’s insurance does not cover it.

Why Can I Not Ship Personal Items in my Car?

The insurance on your car will not cover personal property.  It will only include the vehicle and the emergency equipment for the vehicle.  It will also make the weight of your vehicle is heavier and make it cost more to ship your car.  If you put larger items in your vehicle, it may cause damage to the vehicle.  Companies can also be fined for allowing you to ship personal items with the car.

Whenever you ship your car, it is a big NO to personal items.  Along with a hefty fine to the company, it could also make your vehicle weigh more.  The company may get charged the fine, but it will be billed to you in some cases.  However, if a company knows you shipped your personal items, they will take responsibility for the fine.

Why is it Important to Have a Plan when Shipping Your Vehicle?

Every mistake that could happen when shipping your vehicle can be avoided through proper planning.  When you plan for the move, you will have all your documents ready.  You will not send personal items.  You will know what company is the best and how much it will cost.  You will also have a rough idea of how long it will take to ship your vehicle.

In everything you do, it is essential to have a plan.  You cannot build a house without a plan.  The same goes hen shipping your car.  You cannot ship your vehicle without having a plan.  Do your research, map out your strategy, and plan.  This is the key to having a successful move with your car.