The Best Features Of Shipping Your Car Across The Country

Shipping your automobile across the country, whether it’s to Las Vegas or Vermont, is a task that can range from simple to complex depending on various factors, attracting different prices. When planning on shipping an automobile from Seattle to San Francisco, or vice-versa, or across the country, you’re presented with several ways to proceed. However, car shipping services, being a reliable auto transport provider, have proven to be an efficient and trustworthy solution for transporting your automobile over long distances. Some of the best features of using an automobile transportation company to ship a vehicle across the country are listed below:

  • An automobile transportation company will make sure your vehicle is safe during its journey
  • You can save money by not purchasing the gas needed to drive your automobile across the country
  • You don’t have to pull your automobile on a trailer which can be dangerous and expensive
  • An automobile transportation company will make sure that your vehicle is safely delivered at its destination on the date and time you specify

Shipping Cars Across Country | Best Cross Country Shipping Rates

Shipping your car from Seattle to San Francisco, or even longer trips across the country such as from Oregon to Las Vegas or Massachusetts to Wisconsin, has never been easier or safer, thanks to many reputable car shipping services. Frequently known as auto transport providers, these services have garnered excellent ratings in various states including Michigan, Maryland, and Vermont.
To give an example, these shipment carriers, often referred to as car carriers, offer a primary option for protection and convenience when moving your items, including your automobile and other items, across the vast expanse of the United States.
Organizing such a move involves several key steps like pickup, transit, and delivery of your vehicle, which is the kind of shipping experience that’s best left to qualified professionals who provide protection throughout. For a seamless process, the timing of pickup and drop-off at your new location, whether that’s Oregon, Michigan or anywhere in between, must be coordinated accurately to prevent any damage to your items. The transit rate must fit within your budget, and contingency plans must be in place in case of unanticipated costs.
In this case, taking on the additional task of transporting your car can add unnecessary stress and potential issues, considering everything involved in the process. To facilitate a better understanding of the process, many companies provide a FAQ that addresses the risk of an accident during shipping, the measures taken to prevent it, and contingences for potential mishaps like road debris or a breakdown.


What Is The Average Cost Of Shipping An Automobile Cross Country?

Cost Of Shipping An Automobile Cross Country

Are you shipping one or multiple cars cross country? Whether it’s from Massachusetts to Wisconsin, Maryland to Michigan, or even longer distances, many variables influence the overall cost of cross-country vehicle shipments. Some of these budget-driving elements include the model of the car, pickup and delivery locations, plausible issues along the route like road debris, a breakdown, and the number of cars and other items you’re moving.

  • The season of the year in which you are shipping your automobile. If you ship a car during the summer your overall cost will be lower. However, if you ship your car during the winter you will likely pay more due to the dangerous driving conditions such as snow and ice.
  • Shipping your car between two metropolitan areas will be less expensive than shipping your automobile to a rural area.
  • Car shipping costs increase if the automobile you are moving is immobile or inoperable. Specialized equipment is needed to load and unload vehicles that cannot be driven.
  • Two options exist for cross-country auto transport: open and enclosed transport. Shipping an antique or luxury vehicle will increase shipping costs because you will likely need enclosed transport. The majority of standard vehicle owners choose open transport. Open transport is the cheapest way to ship a car.
  • The time in which you want to ship your vehicle is also relevant to the cost. If you want to expedite the shipment of your vehicle this will make the overall cost higher.
  • The shorter the distance you ship your vehicle, the lower the overall price will be.
  • The smaller the automobile you ship, the lower your overall price will be.

Should I Driver My Vehicle Across The Country?

Choosing to drive your vehicle across the country, say from Oregon or Maryland, can be more dangerous and expensive than availing of professional car shipping services. You need to consider elements like distance, possible need for roadside assistance, and erratic traffic patterns. The total mileage and estimated fuel cost alone may tip the balance in favor of using an auto transport company that offers estimates for transparency, protecting your cash reserve.

Apart from cost considerations, the time of year affects the rate of driving your vehicle cross-country. Car shipping services might charge higher prices in winter due to tougher weather conditions. Winds, snow, and icy terrains, especially in areas like the Rocky Mountains, can make the drive more challenging. From Massachusetts to Wisconsin or Seattle to Las Vegas, adopting professional car shipping services is a safer, and often less expensive, option for all consumers.

Consider the time invested in a long drive. It may take four whole days to drive from one coast to another, such as from Vermont to Oregon or Maryland to Washington. On the other hand, an auto transport provider can handle the issues of coordination and transit, whether you’re in need of auto transport services in New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas (TX), or even Arkansas.

The aim is to ensure a seamless and stress-free car shipping experience for you. They provide you with a choice of shipping your automobile while you can fly to your destination, saving both time and energy for other important endeavors, like beginning work at your new job or assembling stuff for your new home.

As your trusted provider, they handle your car shipment requirements effectively. They take care of everything from arranging the pick-up to ensuring the vehicle’s condition upon delivery is the same as when it was collected. To that end, in sort of ascending order, scheduling is a key aspect of executing your automobile transport needs.

Ship Vehicle Across The Country

In terms of cost-effectiveness and safety, using a car transport company to list and ship your vehicle, say through an easy-to-use app, is often the most inexpensive and reliable option available. Whether it’s a regular car or a boat you need moving, all payments, processes, and arrangements are transparent.

By considering all these factors, including the vehicle condition among other factors, and keeping an eye on your budget and potential issues, it’s clear that professional car shipping services make for a hassle-free solution to your cross-country trip needs. A sample price, along with photos of prior deliveries, can further assure you of the cost and quality. For consumers, the deposit of trust in these companies often pays off in the form of a safe and efficient vehicle relocation.

Given the current conveniences available, as depicted by the easy auto ship logo of most transport companies, you can make your vehicle move practically anywhere. This is made possible by a wide network of shippers, with connections even on the east coast. The costs of driving your car yourself in locations such as TX often outweigh the pros of using a car transport company to ship the vehicle.

Car transport companies, announced by a logo, have a variety of services that not only save you money but also free your mind from the stress of driving. Whether you’re military personnel transferring to a base in Hawaii or a regular person making a cross-country trip, these shippers ensure the safe and responsible transport of your vehicle.

And these shippers are just a few clicks away on their site, where links to resources, photos of their service, and various services spanning from New Jersey to Arkansas can be found. Risk management is a top factor for them, and phone communication is always available to keep you in the loop. These companies offer more than just a service – they offer peace of mind.

How Much Time Does It Take To Transport An Automobile Across The Country

The time required to ship your vehicle cross-country is determined by a variety of factors, including the distance it needs to travel. For instance, if you’re shipping your vehicle from the east coast like Connecticut, the shipping process will typically take ten to fourteen days from coast to side, essentially covering the width of the continent.

The transport trucks that carry cars typically cover five hundred miles each day. So, your vehicle moves along steadily to reach its destination. The estimate of five hundred miles a day may vary, as various factors like road conditions, the time of year, and traffic in places such as Arkansas or TX can affect it. Transporting an automobile anywhere between one thousand to fifteen hundred miles will require approximately two to three days of travel.

Open carrier car shipping vehicle carriers face limitations on the amount of time they can travel. The trucking regulations vary by state, and each carrier may have to spend different amounts of time in each state from Florida (FL) to the west coast to comply with traffic safety regulations.

Despite this, the transport service will still likely be able to get your vehicle to its destination faster than you could drive the vehicle yourself. This is especially true for military members who are often on high demand for relocating at a moment’s notice.

Companies like these not only handle the vehicle transport but also assist these individuals with resources and in making efficient and worry-free arrangements. Additionally, they may offer discounts on storage fees and lodging during transit for our readers.

open carrier car shipping

Enjoying the experience of having your automobile transported allows you to relax and focus on moving you and your family, along with your food supplies and other professional stuff, to your new home. This is particularly beneficial if you’re taking the same trip, allowing you to focus on the road ahead while your vehicle safely follows behind.

By entrusting your car to a reliable provider, you can focus on the sound of other important tasks that await at your destination. The added stress of driving a vehicle filled with belongings from Boston on the east coast or across the open road of the nation, with fuel costs and traffic fluctuations as concerns, is neither fun nor safe, nor does it do any bit of wear or tear any good on your car.

This is where reputed car transport companies like, uship, and montway, with helpful site links for our readers acting as a window to their easy auto ship service, make a difference. These companies take into account various aspects of the process, such as carrier availability, weight of the vehicle, and optimal routes to ensure efficiency.

Contact today to experience quality service, punctual delivery, and excellent customer service, earning a reputation for care and reliability. Imagine you’re moving to Hawaii, and you’re worried about your car. While you take care of other important matters, these companies ensure that your vehicle reaches your new location safely and on time.

The following factors may affect the time required to transport your car cross country. These involve others, like the make and model of the car, the pickup and delivery locations, the weight of the vehicle, the transport method chosen, and the time of year when you’re transporting.

The fluctuating window of carrier availability, and the distance of the route, whether it’s local or an open road, also play a significant role in the transportation time. Getting in touch with the network of shippers on the transport site will help clarify the information below for you.

  • Shipping method
  • Any relevant insurance coverage
  • The car shipping company you use
  • The ultimate delivery location
  • Whether you are shipping standard automobiles or classic cars
  • Whether or not the truck drivers have to pick up and drop off multiple vehicles
  • The presence of bike racks or other features on your automobile

Cross Country Vehicle Transport In Four Easy Steps

Auto transport can be summarized in four easy auto ship steps., along with other service providers, are auto shipping companies with a reputation for transparency and excellent customer service.

The following four steps, detailed on their user-friendly site for our readers, provide a quick summary and guide of our car shipping service. It’s their aim to add anything necessary to ensure that their customers have peace of mind throughout the process. With easy links to their resources, they’ve made it their mission to streamline the process for their customers.

This acts as a window to the world of seamless auto transport for the customer, guiding them through experiences laden with top-notch service providers like Sgt Auto Transport, known for its robust track record in shipping vehicles.

One: Obtain An Auto Transport Quote

Auto transport options begin with thorough research and quotes from different service providers, with a crucial tip being to consider companies like Sgt Auto Transport or Sherpa, both recognized for their excellent client experiences.

The diligent auto transport service at, a reputable shipper based in San Diego, begins with a customer receiving a quote based primarily on the delivery locations provided to

Thanks to their user-friendly platform where anyone can simply glance at their window to get a quick quote, users in countries all the way from California to Minnesota can simply google and expect the best car shipping advisors to guide them.

You can also contact the office at (888) 231-0113 for a more personal interaction. Visit our website at to learn more about quotes and pricing.  They ensure that their vehicles are transported without any hassle, damages, or a tear on the fabric of their already busy schedules, providing them with peace of mind amid their busy schedules. The ease of booking, like an open road ahead, is another important aspect to consider. After you choose a specific price, it takes just a few clicks to book your shipment.

Cross-country car shipping typically begins with a concrete step: speaking with a representative after booking the shipment. Services like serve as reliable responders, helping customers both over the telephone and online. Whether you are shipping a classic car or a standard automobile, you can confidently address your shipping needs knowing that our professional team has the experience and knowledge required to safely ship a car across the country without imposing any hidden fee.

Two: Ensuring Your Vehicle Is Ready For Cross Country Car Transport

Cross-country car transport is a serious undertaking. Car transport service guidelines are used to aid customers in preparing for the auto shipping. To ensure the safety of your vehicle being transported and to avoid unexpected fees, you must share the physical condition of your vehicle, its mileage, and running status.

Comprehending the weight of your vehicle and ensuring carrier availability are additional concerns that need to be addressed before the shipment can commence. ShipVehicles, for instance, is known for its expertise in dealing with these matters aided by its proficient track record.

This vitally important information is a necessary tool for transport companies, providing them with the capacity to take every preventative step and minimize risk during transit.

During open car transport, damaged vehicles are usually explicitly noted and marked, reflecting the care and attention imposed in the rules of international and interstate car shipping. Keeping track of these details influences shipping options available in both large cities and smaller states.

It is the auto shipping company’s capability to handle such a wide range of solutions that makes them stand out. A lot hinges on the motor carrier’s ability to distinguish which vehicles are operable and which are not, especially when dealing with long-distance logistics and transportation across city lines of metropolitans like Los Angeles and Texas.

Vehicles, particularly those modified, may require a winch, and this will increase the overall auto shipping cost – a detail that should be factored in when using a car shipping cost calculator. This information is crucial whether you’re shipping from California to New York or within the state of Colorado.

Three: Getting Ready For Your Vehicle To Be Picked Up

The size and modifications on vehicles can create additional costs that not all shipping providers may readily accommodate. Although gas prices may add to your bill, and the prospect of handling a transport project like having your automobile or motorcycles transported across the country, such as from Texas to California or even to Los Angeles may seem like a massive problem, you don’t need to worry about your vehicle’s safety.

At, we take vehicular care seriously, placing stringent restrictions on handling practices to ensure the safety of all automobiles entrusted to us during their interstate—and long-distance—journeys. Auto transport companies like ours, which has a blog packed with useful data, search for a truck within the carrier network to move your vehicle, with proudly championing the ability to stay ahead of competitors by providing efficient solutions working with common carriers.

You will receive a timeframe during which your automobile or motorcycles will be picked up by the carrier. This can occur whether you are shipping from New York to Colorado, or any city in between. Upon the carrier’s arrival, you’ll perform an detailed inspection of your vehicles with the truck driver. Once your automobile is securely on the trailer, it will be driven off to your chosen city or destined location.

Stay updated on your shipment’s progress using the carrier’s information and the truck driver’s contact details. We recognize how vital this information can be, whether your vehicle or motorcycles are being shipped to a bustling city like Los Angeles, California or a quiet town in Texas. Should you have any queries or face any problem, contact at (888) 231-0113. We’ll ensure that your car arrives safely at its destination, and provide any pertinent data you may need.

Four: Have Your Car Picked Up At Its Destination

Upon your car’s arrival at its destination, you should receive contact from the auto transporter. Be it in the heart of New York or the outskirts of Colorado, transport trucks often schedule their projects around accommodating multiple customers spread across cities and states. However, due to restrictions, not all addresses, especially those in rural areas, can be reached directly. For most vehicle deliveries, the truck driver will arrange a meeting point where you can receive your automobile.

Finally, in locations like Los Angeles, California, or even Texas, truck drivers and carriers often select large parking lots in commercial areas of cities for vehicle handovers. These easily accessible points accommodate the oversized dimensions of most transport trucks that shuttle between metropolitan areas. At the drop-off location, the truck driver will review your car’s physical condition with you. In this multi-faceted industry, two key competitors, namely Canada and Kansas, represent considerable businesses.

Their extensive operations explain why you both will conduct a second inspection to verify that the vehicle, irrespective of whether it originates from Canada or Kansas, has not been damaged during transit. It’s rare for vehicles to sustain any damage, even minor scratches or dents, during shipment. Answers to any questions or any problem regarding this process will be diligently addressed by our team on our carrier network.

If you prefer not to pick up the vehicle personally, a relative or friend can collect it in your name and on your behalf from the truck driver. This friendly process is prevalent both in businesses operating in Canada and Kansas. The truck driver is likely to require payment upon your vehicle’s safe delivery. Our platform ensures robust shipping options and comprehensive logistics management, making your experience as smooth as possible.

Do Seasons Influence The Total Cost Of A Car Shipping Service?

The season in which you choose to transport your vehicle can make an enormous difference in the total price of your shipment.

If you ship a car during the winter you may have to wait longer for your vehicle to be picked up and for the car shipping company to transfer your vehicle to its destination. The lack of daylight in the late evening hours is one reason transportation requires long hours in the winter. Also, snow and ice will contribute to traffic delays and other problems that can make a carrier spend more time on the road.

Also, truck drivers and carriers often spend the holidays in December with their family and friends. The lack of available truck drivers means you may have to wait until January to ship your vehicle. Also, you will likely have to call months in advance to secure a shipping spot for the month of December.

January is a popular time of the year to ship a car cross country. Many people travel to the southern regions of the United States during this time of year. Overall rates can remain high throughout the month of January. In contrast, February is a slow time of year for transcontinental auto transport. During February, shipment rates may be lower than the average shipping price.

Spring is a great time of year for the auto transport industry and customers. The first half of March is a slow time with great rates. However, the latter half of the month is busy as the temperature warms and more people make shipment bookings for open auto transport. Many people who live in northern regions during the summer will ship their cars home during the end of March.

cheap cross country car shipping rates

Factoring in the customer reviews and overall content, April is a time of year that is busier than usual for truck drivers, enclosed carriers, and vehicle shipping companies. Many individuals plan to move before the summer heat arrives. April marks high volume hauls for the auto transport business as part of their annual business model.

Summer is the busiest time of year for shipping a car, whether it’s for a typical relocation or a long vacation. Many employees move to new areas for new professional opportunities. Summer rates may be lower than average due to the volume of business being done by each auto transport company. The price typically remains stable during June, July, and August.

With the onset of cooler weather, fall brings a corresponding cooldown of business for open auto transport companies. Auto transporters notice that fewer people attempt to ship a car across the country during the fall season, reflected in reduced customer reviews. September is usually the busiest month of Fall due to college students returning to campuses to begin classes.

During October and November, fewer people are looking to haul vehicles cross-country, which results in lower rates. These months are not a busy time of year for vehicle shipping, proving it’s often more economical to ship a car in the fall. This can save you both time and money as indicated by the nationwide trend visible in the industry’s content and reviews.

Terminal To Terminal Service

One effective method of saving money shipping your car is to deliver your car to a terminal and pick up your car at a terminal. You will drop off your vehicle and pick up at two designated locations. The terminals are typically located in major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Truck drivers and enclosed carriers pick up the automobiles at one location and use open transport to move the vehicles from terminal location to terminal location. The time and fuel saved using this method of shipment can produce significant financial savings. Customers usually receive a lower total shipping amount for using this service. Is Prepared To Help You Ship Your Car has years of experience shipping cars cross-country. We have many different vehicle transport types such as open transport and enclosed transport. We can make sure your gas tank is protected during the cross country transport.

Ship Your Car Across Country

Many auto transporter companies don’t tell you about hidden fees and extra costs. always provides every cost to the customer with a clear description of that cost. Our customers are important to us, and we pride ourselves on having customers return to year after year when they need transport type services. Our transport type services are second to none, and we offer our assistance if you need help shipping a car.

Moving across the country can be intimidating, lonely, and frustrating. Do not add in extra stress by trying to drive your vehicle thousands of miles not knowing if it might break down or cause other problems that will delay your move.

Shipping a car is our specialty. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment necessary to make sure your automobile gets safely from point A to point B. Cross country car shipping is what we do best, and we can ship your regular sedan or a classic car. You can choose from several different delivery locations. Using is the cheapest way to ship your car on an enclosed carrier or on an open carrier. can also help you if you need to ship multiple cars.

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Contact today to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss your shipping needs and the best options available to you. We want to work with you and your family to make sure you have a safe and productive move. Don’t place extra stress on yourself when you are planning to move a car across the country. The professionals at are ready to help you ship your car across the country at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time.

Visit today to learn more about car ranges, our shipping process, and shipping a car in the United States. You can tell us details about your car online and we can assess the details and contact you about booking a shipment. You can speak to us about door to door service, door to door shipping, and the best practices of car shipping companies. Call (888) 231-0113 to learn more about the services we offer. Our representatives can help you obtain the information you need to make the best decision about shipping your automobile.