Motorcycle Shipping Cost – How Much You Must Expect to Pay

Motorcycle Shipping Cost – How Much You Must Expect to Pay

Nothing can be more alluring than exploring the roads on your motorcycle. However, when you are shifting or moving to a new location cruising on your two-wheeler to reach the destination is not a good option indeed. Moto bikes are heavy, and they can’t be shifted on the back of your moving truck. Towing your motorcycle on your moving truck is dangerous as it may lead to severe damages. So, it is the smart choice to leave your bike in the hands of the motorcycle shipping company. The motorcycle shipping company offers reliable services to get your motorcycle from point A to point B safely and securely. However, the Motorcycle Shipping Cost varies depending upon different factors.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Motorcycle?

As mentioned, the price of motorcycle shipping depends on multiple factors, ranging from distance covered, location, and type of motorcycle you have got. For example, you plan to ship a bike to a distance of more than 1000 miles, you may expect to pay an amount of $350 to $800, depending upon the shipping marketplace. The cost varies depending upon the distance and distance.

Many factors are also taken into account when deciding the Motorcycle Shipping Cost. The cost is influenced by the type of trailer used for towing the motorcycle, type of motorcycles, and distance. The price also inflates when you opt for supplemental insurance, fees for delivery at residential areas, and crating services.

Cost for Shipping Motorcycle Internationally 

A majority of motorcycle shipping companies offer online shipping services for different motorcycle brands and models. An online shipping cost calculator gives the customer an estimated cost of motorcycle shipping services. So, customers can visit the shipping company’s official website and use the online calculator to get an estimated Motorcycle Shipping Cost for free.

The online shipping cost calculator uses different factors to calculate the estimated cost. The factors include:

  • Present fuel rates
  • Age and condition of the motorcycle in question
  • Insurance coverage and charges
  • Manufacturer of the motorbike and the model number
  • Distance of the location
  • Time of the year when services have opted
  • The type of shipping opted by the customers

Some motorcycle companies also offer international shipping services with their transporting partners. They can safely and securely ship your motorcycle across the world and covers all the damages incurred during the transit. However, you have to bear in mind that sending your bike to an international location is a costly affair, and the Motorcycle Shipping Cost may be higher than local shipping.

The trusted agent from the shipping company will pick and wrap the motorcycle for transportation, and they deliver the bike undamaged to the final destination. You may speak to the shipping agent for the entire process and hire their services if it suits you.

Motorcycle shipping needs lots of experience and groundwork, which is not possible for average motorcycle owners. So, it is always wise to hire motorcycle companies’ services to safely and securely transport the bike. You may compare the benefits of different companies before hiring and grab the cheap quotes of Motorcycle Shipping Cost.