Is Your Car Winter Ready?

winter driving

Fall has arrived and soon enough, winter will be here as well. As a car owner, getting the car winter ready is very important, especially if you plan to have it shipped to a colder climate or will be taking a drive to the mountains to enjoy a little snow skiing or other cold weather activities. When you hit the ski slopes, you know how important it is to have the right cold weather gear on. The same applies to your car if it will be traveling in the colder areas of the nation this winter. To winterize your car, be sure to keep a few winter weather tips in mind to keep your car safe from the cold.

  • Have your tires inspected before making travel plans. If the tread is low or you will be traveling in icy conditions, it is important to have snow tires put on the car for safety reasons.
  • Have the car professionally washed and waxed if you will be in an area that uses salt or chemicals to melt snow and ice. Wax can help prevent salt build up on the car.
  • Have the car rust proofed if possible as this can prevent rust from forming. Road salt and chemicals as well as snow and ice can cause damaging rust to form on cars.
  • Make sure the car has ample anti-freeze.
  • Use anti-freezing windshield washer when the car will be in subzero climates.
  • Have a mechanic thoroughly inspect the car to make sure it is winter travel ready.

You should also pack a cold weather emergency kit in the trunk of your car so that you will be prepared if there is an accident or you become stuck in the snow or ice.

The kit should include:

  • A warm blanket (Pack enough for each member of the family)
  • Water (At least 1 gallon per person is recommended)
  • Snacks including granola bars or other high protein snack foods.
  • A radio or spare emergency cell phone.
  • A flashlight.
  • An ice scraper.
  • A snow brush to clear snow off the car.

If your car will need to be professionally transported to a cold climate during the winter, be sure to have the antifreeze filled appropriately and make sure that it has been fully inspected by your mechanic before the move to make sure it is road ready before you have it shipped.

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