How To Ship Your Car to Seattle

How To Ship Your Car to Seattle

Planning to move to Seattle? Need a hassle-free way to ship your car?

Then this article is for you. Here we will talk about all the available methods to ship your car, the factors you have to keep in mind while looking for a transport company, and more.

Keep reading as we break it all down.

Factors to keep in mind

Seattle Shipping car is no laughing matter, and you have to look at a lot of parameters while finding the perfect auto transport company to ship yours. Some of these are:

  • Track record

Whichever company you look into, check their track record with previous deliveries. Most companies have customer reviews on their official webpage. Scroll through these, and see what the previous customers have to say. Check if they deliver the vehicles on time and within the date that was agreed upon.

  • Diversity in options

Whether you’re transporting a car, SUV, minivan, truck, vintage car, or even a boat, check to see if the auto transport company has multiple options for transporting them. The options that are usually available include:

Open transport is done via truck, and as the name suggests, it’s done via stacking on the back of a transport truck. It is less expensive.

Enclosed transport is done for vintage cars, or if you specifically request for it. Your car is transported alone inside an enclosed truck. This is more expensive but safer.

Companies that have multiple modes of transport indicate experience in handling different terrains and types of cars. These are probably the ones you should go for.

  • Insured transport 

One thing to check for is if your car transportation is insured by the company. This means the company will provide compensation in case of any damage done during the transportation process. A company that offers full insurance is responsible.

  • Pick-up and drop-off 

When deciding regarding the auto transport company for your vehicle, it is imperative to figure early on what type of pick-up and drop-off you want. Most companies offer mainly two types:

Door-to-door, as the name indicates, means the company will pick up your vehicle from your doorstep and have it delivered to your new doorstep. It is more costly but less of a hassle since the company will take care of most transportation requirements.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping is done when you drop off the car at a fixed terminal, such as a port, and the company transports your vehicle to the end terminal. You will be required to pick up your vehicle from the end terminal. This is less costly but less time-effective as you will have to come and get your car from the port.

What ultimately matters is that the company you choose has a good reputation and can get the job done well. Before choosing any company, request quotes from them regarding rates, fees, and so on. Cross-check these with other companies, and pick the best option for you.