How To Ship A Vehicle From One State To Another?

Are you relocating to a different state? Then you may be looking for ways to transport your car. With all the auto transport companies currently active in the US, it makes a lot more sense to turn to these services rather than drive the vehicle yourself.

But even so, there are a lot of things to consider here. Ship Vehicles is here to help you understand the process.

How Much Will You Pay for Car Shipping?

Car shipping rates can be very confusing to a newbie. They are influenced by several factors such as:

  • Distance – longer distances cost longer;
  • Route – remote areas are more difficult to deliver to, so they will drive up the cost;
  • Type of vehicle – larger vehicles cost more to move;
  • Time of shipping – if you can ship during the offseason, you can benefit from some amazing discounts. Shipping during the summer, for instance, costs a lot more because there are a lot more people doing it;
  • The type of service you need – auto transport companies offer a variety of services, and the more inclusive you choose, the more it will cost you.

Should You Ship Your Vehicles in a Closed or Open Container?

Shipping to another state means your vehicle will travel a longer distance, so you may be considering an enclosed truck shipping. Let’s weigh both your options:


  1. Open Truck

You may have seen a truck with a large, open platform that’s packed with vehicles on a highway at some point. This is a popular method of transport and one that’s very convenient for you in terms of price.

With these trucks, companies can ship multiple vehicles at the same time, which also means you end up paying a lower rate for it. These vehicles are properly secured and kept in place during transport, so there is virtually no risk of them moving during the drive.

But some car owners may be concerned about their vehicles being exposed to the elements for long transport times. As long as you wash and wax your vehicle, there is little chance of debris, rain, bugs, or other outside elements damaging its exterior.


  1. Enclosed Trucks

Here, you have less space, which means the company will only be able to transport a few vehicles at the same time. In some cases, you may have a truck where you can only fit one vehicle.

There are definite benefits here. For one thing, your car may be getting special treatment, since it’s one of a few (or the only one) being transported. Since it remains inside, it’s completely protected from the elements, which is an important aspect of expensive vehicles.

However, it’s the more expensive service of the two, so you will definitely be looking at a higher bill.

How Long Will It Take to Ship the Vehicle to another State?

For many, the ideal scenario would be to have their car shipped in just 1-2 days, but that’s not always the case. Distance is the first factor that influences the arrival time. The longer the car needs to travel, the more you’ll have to wait for it.

If you’re shipping in an open container with multiple vehicles on board, it’s possible for the truck to have to make multiple terminal stops along the way to unload and reload vehicles which, again, can delay arrival time.

There are companies who offer fast deliveries but as you can expect, this is a rather premium service. It likely means your vehicle will be transported solo, raising the auto shipping cost tremendously.

What Other Interstate Car Shipping Options Do You Have?

An auto transport company is often the most convenient and cheap option for shipping a car from one state to another, but if it’s not convenient for you, there are other possible solutions:

  • Driving the car yourself – this is the simplest thing to do, though you should factor on the extra costs of food, water, and accommodation, apart from gas. Plus, this option can wear and tear the vehicle;
  • Renting a truck and hitching your car – you could also rent a truck and make the transport yourself by attaching your vehicle to the truck, and transport other belongings. This also presents with additional costs, and you should think about if you have the right experience to drive a truck for longer distances;
  • Hiring a driver – there are services where you can pay for people to drive the car for you.


What Should You Do?

If you need to ship your car to another state, Ship Vehicles makes this job look easy. Get in touch with us now for more information about our services and a free estimate.