Here’s The What, Why, And How You Need To Know About Auto Transport Broker

Here's The What, Why, And How You Need To Know About Auto Transport Broker

A Shipping company and auto transport broker come right in handy when you need to ship your car for one reason or another. You may have your own reason to get your vehicle transported; maybe you got a new job that requires you to move to a different place. Or you finally found the fantasy home you have always dreamt of, or maybe the car you have always wanted to buy is not available for purchase in your state yet, and you are getting your purchase shipped to you, etc.

All in all, you are getting your car shipped, which means you need assistance from an auto transport broker unless you would preferably do it the hard way.

Auto transport brokers- what are they?

So, you have decided to get your car shipped; you look online and have likely come across two types of companies offering this service:

  • Auto transport brokers

Auto transport brokers act as the middle party between the car carriers and you. These brokers do not own any fleet transportation and will not be the ones shipping your car, nor are they responsible for the pick and drop. Their purpose is to help you connect with the car carriers. They are the agents who establish the connection of the shipment to the haulers.


  • And the car carriers.

The car carriers are responsible for the pickup, shipping, and drop of the vehicle. These are the ones who own the actual fleet and carrier and handle the vehicle shipping.

Why do you need an auto transport broker?

An auto transport broker has connections with the actual carriers and can help you get in touch with a verified car hauler and cut short the process and time it will consume to find and then do the paperwork with the shippers. Depending on how huge the network of the broker is, they may even have 100s of car shippers ready to fulfill shipping demands.

How does an auto transport broker operate?

Auto transport brokers are well connected to large and small-scale car haulers and help you find the one most suitable for your requirements and budget.

If you approach an auto transport broker, they will reach out to several different carriers with the request and get various quotes for you after understanding your needs and budget.

After explaining each quote and service the haulers offer, they will help you pick from one that suits your needs while being under your budget.

How to choose the best auto transport broker?

  • Research

Utilize the web and search for a verified auto transport broker. Note down the best ones you find and compare them online before you contact them. Look into their reviews, approximate quotes, and other details.

The next thing to do is giving them a call or drop them an email; stating your situation, the car shipping details, etc. Once they respond, get an approximate quote and pick the one most suitable to your budget.

Once you have picked, discuss the details with them and verify their license and other aspects before you book. Keep your car ready for shipping and let them do the rest of the work.